Being out in the wild is an adventure. It’s more fun if you know what you are looking at. Is that poisonous? Can I eat that? Well, on this page you will find resources you may use to identify Florida plants.

What you do with that information will be up to you. We will be held in no way responsible if you eat something weird, get some crazy rash, or just plain smell something that stinks (and, yes, there are Florida flowers that stink). Each person is unique (yay) and how you may react might be very different than what may be typical.

As always, with any flora or fauna, please take photos and not samples. Leave everything in as natural a state as you can. You may very well be the last person to see that beautiful thing. We strive to preserve the beauty that has captured our lives and hearts. Please do the same.

If  you have an interesting or perplexing specimen, by all means, send a photo and we will do our best to help you figure it out!

We hope you enjoy the beauty and mystery of Florida vegetation as much as we do.

Hooded Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia Minor)