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A Little Family Time in the Mountains

Our family recently enjoyed the mountains of northeastern Tennessee. My parents and sister live in the most beautiful area and we love to visit each fall. Last week, we had the pleasure of hiking up the side of an obscure mountain, playing in the creek, and relaxing as a family in the chilly November weather.

My dad and kids in historic Bristol.

My Aunt Teressa

My mom and daughter

It made me think how amazing it is to have family adventures. This holiday season, we here at Chicks With Ticks want to remind you all that time with loved ones and friends is precious. My father has battled cancer and won and my mother is currently battling stage four lymphoma – she hiked the mountains and waterfalls, she shopped til we dropped and she baked delicious pies that still make my mouth water. She never seemed to be dying – only living. What an inspiration she has been.

My son and daughter and my sister and nephew

There is nothing as important as time. You can’t buy it. You can’t replace it. You can’t replay it. No one knows how much we have. Every moment wasted is lost forever. We ask that you all take this in for a moment. Think of what you could do with the time you might have lost recently. Think of who would have appreciated time spent with you.

Now that you have it in the forefront – do something about it! Go – take the time you have and spend it – on people and experiences. Spend it laughing and loving. Create memories and have adventures.

After all – it’s your time….how will you spend it?

My sister after her tumble in the river.


Tumbling, truckling, the tickling stream passed clear over my wriggling toes.

Cold it was. And hard were the stones under my bones.


Dappled shafts of sneaky sunlight snuck through the laughing leaves.

There I lay

Just born



Alone and wanting for nothing.

Breathing spray and smiling.

A wild thing.

The waterling.

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