That’s right, there is a time and a season for everything. You are probably thinking, “Jacque, there are only four seasons.” But, I am here to tell you that there are infinite seasons. Let me tell you what I mean by that.

Last Monday, at about 7am, a coworker was doing what he does and suffered a fatal accident. Now, we are all grown ups here (well, some of you at least) and we know that accidents, be they minor or fatal, all happen unexpectedly. After all, that’s why they call them accidents. But, I am here to tell you that this seemingly tragic life event has changed the way I will look at my coworkers forever.

A smiling, happy, driven father of three, husband of 35 years, son to two amazing living parents died in a tragic accident. In attending his services and funeral, I wanted to share a few epiphanies that may or may not affect you.

Firstly, whether or not you are religious or spiritual, you may find some message here that sparks something. Forget that I was at a Baptist church in Polk county Florida. Forget that I was a lone observer of a family’s grief and the sorrow of an entire community. I want you to remember this – I heard folks speak of this man we lost in the most amazing ways. Not fancy – not flowery – simply amazing. This man I worked alongside was so much more than what I thought.

In fact, I can’t tell you what a loss the whole world may be at. If the chaos theory and butterfly effects are at all true, we are all in for it! This man inspired many. Loved much and as the preacher placed his muddy work boots on the pedestal he said, “Who will fill this man’s shoes?”

Who will fill my muddy boots?

Who will fill my muddy boots?

I can’t tell you how effected I am to this moment by that question. It made me think…..who will fill the shoes of any lost loved one. It made me think of my responsibility to those left behind. It inspired me to think of those around me in a different light.

He mentioned a time and a season for everything. Never mind the biblical references, there now seems a season for everyone, every creature, every living thing and the living things to come. Now I see cycles of life everywhere I turn. I can’t tell you folks how I saw the whole world and life itself in a new way. I saw it all as cycles. It makes sense. It became quite clear that life is actually much simpler that we think – it’s just a cycle.

As I stood alone outside the service watching family and friends, young and old, some crying and some smiling with some memory of their lost loved one, I immediately felt so tiny and insignificant. I was witnessing a web of people connected by that set of muddy work boots. I was watching as the trickle down effect began to change them all forever. I was seeing that when one cycle seemed to end, it really just changed momentum and direction. It took many forms right before my eyes.

I watched them walk to their cars and leave that place. I wondered how so many could have known him. I wondered how he had touched so many lives and hearts. I wondered if he was aware that his season is still not over! If so, I hope he is smiling at the vibrations he struck in that web of folks on Saturday. I hope he knows that those infinite cycles are all connected in some way. I’ll bet he knows now that those infinite cycles are, in fact, infinite!