It is perfect Jacque! Go Anywhere!

That’s right. It had to happen sooner or later. The guys weren’t happy being called “honorary members” so we had to come up with something worthy! We know you guys are out there! We hear you and want you to feel welcome. So, in all fairness to you all – you can now brag that you are Hicks with Ticks.

Now, we all need to remember our roles. No, I am not talking about who is in the kitchen cooking or who wears the bra – I mean our responsibility to Go Anywhere! We need to get out there and have unscheduled adventures. We need to empower others to explore. We need to enlighten those that aren’t comfortable in the outdoors. We need to entertain…hell it’s fun!

We especially need to share our experiences with other – especially young people. I once taught an adventure camp. I was dumbfounded by how many kids had never played in the mud, gone to a forest, climbed a tree, gotten dirty. I made it my job to mess all those kids up for the whole summer! That’s right – some of them will remember….some will just be more comfortable in the wilds and won’t know why. Some will probably never look at the world the same – that’s the way I want it for everyone.

Plunder Branch Hwy 62

It's Perfect! Go Anywhere!

Take some time – right now if you can – both Chicks and Hicks alike, young and old, to invite someone to share an adventure with you. Tell them that they can Go Anywhere! Show them where to go to find the minnows, frogs, park benches, trails, trees, flowers, and world! Show them that there is so much more out there and it won’t eat you!! It won’t poison you!! It will only make you feel amazed and lucky. You may see things no one else will ever see.

Then, come back here and report who and where and what and how and why and when and every little detail you can remember! Show us photos and share your stories – good and bad – happy and sad. Tell us why you are here and why you come back. Most importantly – do it now!

I dare YOU – Yes – YOU – to Go Anywhere!!