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“We will miss you.”

That’s right. I won’t say who wrote this to me today. That would be tattle telling. I will say what it meant to me.

It meant the world. It meant that the team that was heading out and leaving me behind at the office would miss me. And I them.

It’s funny how our team functions. It’s almost organic. Like a living organism that has a life all its own. We feed it our personalities, we care for it with our passion for our work, and water it with our symbiotic natures. That, my friends, has made one strong living thing. TEAM

I will hold the fort down in the office. I will answer emails and keep moving some project work forward. I will think of them on the river. I will miss them. I will miss the their input.

They will work on the river. They will think of what I might say about something in the field. They will miss me. They will miss my input. 

It’s not what you plan to do when you go to work. You plan to work, get paid, go home, pay bills, and wake up and do it all again. With us, it’s not that way. We wake up, We go to work, We LOVE our work, We LIVE our work, We get paid, and we can’t believe it!!

After having done many things in my life to make money, I can honestly say that you are a fool to continue feeding your passions and dreams to a time clock. You should stop now. It’s simply not good for the living thing. It’s not good for YOU!

So, think about what you wanted to truly be when you grew up. Think about how you can make yourself happy. Think of how risky it might be and what amazing adventure and excitement might come with that kind of change.  

And then reread this – and think of how amazing it is to be a part of something alive….that makes you feel alive. Even when you can’t be there. So, you just gonna sit there? Read this again!!

Then – go out there and make it happen! GO ANYWHERE!

Meet Some of Our Friends….

Every day we meet some amazing people who enjoy the outdoors. We thought it would be fun to introduce you to some of them so that you can get an idea of some of the wonderful things we can all do outdoors. You don’t have to be a fancy scientist, a hunter, an extreme climber – you just have to be willing to open that door and walk into the sunshine….so – in honor of Spring – here is our first friend – Dawn Freeland hosts Women Camp Too – visit her and let her know you support other Chicks!
Dawn Freeland
Twitter @Women_Camp_Too
dawn in morel at can.jpg

The Outdoors


I grew up fishing & camping with my family, in lakes & ponds of all sizes, and fishing from small boats and pontoons, docks, and embankments.


As an adult, life has taken a different path for me. I fish less often and hunt & camp more. However, I have never forgotten my roots, and every summer we throw out the old worms, real and/or rubber, a few lures just to see what will bite. Sunfish/Bluegill, Perch, and Bass are a few of our favorites to catch. We keep the bigger ones and throw back the fish nuggets.

Cooking and eating the days catch is just about as fun as catching them.


This is me.


I am an average women doing what she loves. I am trying to make a difference in the way women fit into the outdoors, whether it is hunting, camping or fishing. I believe that woman of all ages do not just belong in the mall, home or work. That there is another place for them, just waiting for them to take part and enjoy….the great outdoors.
dawn tenting.jpg
As an adult, I have never fished in a tournament. As and adult I have only fished outside of Michigan a couple of times. I just love and respect the outdoors and in-turn it loves and respects me back.


I don’t have the fancy equipment or the best gear, I am just me.

I have never fished in far off waters nor have I broken any records, I am just me.

I love what I do, and I do what I love and, I am just me.


dawn fishing at the cabin.jpg

” I love what I do, I do what I love, and I love to empower others!”

It is perfect Jacque! Go Anywhere!

That’s right. It had to happen sooner or later. The guys weren’t happy being called “honorary members” so we had to come up with something worthy! We know you guys are out there! We hear you and want you to feel welcome. So, in all fairness to you all – you can now brag that you are Hicks with Ticks.

Now, we all need to remember our roles. No, I am not talking about who is in the kitchen cooking or who wears the bra – I mean our responsibility to Go Anywhere! We need to get out there and have unscheduled adventures. We need to empower others to explore. We need to enlighten those that aren’t comfortable in the outdoors. We need to entertain…hell it’s fun!

We especially need to share our experiences with other – especially young people. I once taught an adventure camp. I was dumbfounded by how many kids had never played in the mud, gone to a forest, climbed a tree, gotten dirty. I made it my job to mess all those kids up for the whole summer! That’s right – some of them will remember….some will just be more comfortable in the wilds and won’t know why. Some will probably never look at the world the same – that’s the way I want it for everyone.

Plunder Branch Hwy 62

It's Perfect! Go Anywhere!

Take some time – right now if you can – both Chicks and Hicks alike, young and old, to invite someone to share an adventure with you. Tell them that they can Go Anywhere! Show them where to go to find the minnows, frogs, park benches, trails, trees, flowers, and world! Show them that there is so much more out there and it won’t eat you!! It won’t poison you!! It will only make you feel amazed and lucky. You may see things no one else will ever see.

Then, come back here and report who and where and what and how and why and when and every little detail you can remember! Show us photos and share your stories – good and bad – happy and sad. Tell us why you are here and why you come back. Most importantly – do it now!

I dare YOU – Yes – YOU – to Go Anywhere!!

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