Yes, it was St. Patrick’s Day and I thought it would be a hoot to talk about HIGHLANDS. In Scotland, of course, the Scottish Highlands are a craggy, green-topped, sparsely populated mountainous area. It conjures visions of shaggy cattle and ladies in flowing dresses singing haunting songs.

In Florida, where mountains are…well…we won’t go there – suffice it to say that the Highlands in Florida are a very different place. Arid and sandy, they resemble a forested desert much more than a mountain cliff.

Florida highlands can be the home to many types of Florida ecosystems. Scrub and flatwoods are two. Here, you can find some of the most interested birds – scrub jays. Their wise faces and daring behavior make them ideal birds to photograph. They have little fear of humans and will come quite close. They have bright blue plumage and are unmistakable in their jay-like silhouette  .

If you live near a highlands or scrub park – you might think it is a barren hot boring place to hike. The truth is, there are some things you will only see in these types of ecosystems. Get out there – see if you live near a park where you can explore this unique landscape. Take a few photos and share with us on Facebook!