Kai takes a break while doing a fish survey.

Well, that’s right. I know all of you are probably saying, “Jacque, where have you been? What amazing things have you seen?” Well, I’m here to tell you that I have seen some doozies!

That’s right, I’ve just spent three months in south Florida in MIAMI. I have seen some amazing and some horrific things. I do want to preface all this with – the typical – HEY SILLY – THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!

Yep, Miami is actually north Cuba – which isn’t a bad thing at all. You probably think the traffic sucks, people are rude, no one speaks English, and it’s hot and everyone looks like a super model.

NOPE – the traffic is an awesome raceway each day, the people are warm and friendly, Spanish isn’t really that hard and people are patient, and most people look just like you and me.

The Keys were amazing, the everglades are awesome, the marshes and wetlands are definitely different. But, what I noticed more than anything is what’s the same. The wilds of South Florida are just as beautiful as ours. There are, of course, no streams to speak o


Jacque takes a break during a fish survey.

f. Ditches replaced any natural sloughs and creeks long ago to make way for agriculture.

But there are beautiful dahoon wetlands, sawgrass marshes filled with little killifish, and beautiful beaches and places to catch you fish dinner.

Hey – don’t take my word for it. Get out there – GO ANYWHERE. Oh yeah, and check out The Florida Adventure Company on Facebook. Let me come speak to your class or club. I’m dying to share!