You don’t want a pic of where mine was!

Go ahead and laugh your ass off! That’s right – I said ass. Just spent most of my work week in Baker county Florida hacking through the most god-awful vine infested, nasty unburnt forest in the world….oh – and there’s ticks and chiggers in them thar woods.

So, after spending the day collecting thorn slices in my forearms, and picking seed ticks off my friends from DEP, we get back to hotel, I am excited to shower – and then – it happens…..the worst thing in my life….I find a tick – DOWN THERE!!!

Yeah – there! Well, right almost there – and it was embedded. I have never had a tick embed. I also hate ticks. I don’t give a shit who out there is fighting for tick rights or whatever – I hate the little buggers. I didn’t know what to do – I panicked.

I grabbed it and pulled it out – it was gross….I had to take another shower….then I treaded water in the pool for 30 minutes to see if more would climb up off of me….now I am freaked out that I might get Lyme disease. I have to monitor my bite DOWN THERE.

I just want to dispel some myths – tea tree oil is ineffective, as is most natural remedies – they sweated off very quickly as did 40% deet. you can duct tape all you want but it ruins your clothes, skin so soft works to some degree but is nasty dirty and must be reapplied, I will continue to test – need to test the lye soap thing for the chiggers because I am covered in them!

This is so NOT sexy!

Just a warm beginning to your Memorial Day weekend!! Cheers….