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That’s right, Arcadia, Florida. It’s not only home to some amazing ranchers and farmers who grow and raise our food. It’s home to some of the most amazing vistas, intriguing swamps, and enchanting historic Florida sceneries.

Kristen and I have spent most of the last week working in the swamps. Yes, it was hot. Yes, it was filthy. Yes, it was amazing.

What I wanted to share today was that we were surprised on the last morning by none other than genuine Florida cowboys. Horses, dogs, hats, and all.


They rode away. Dogs leading the riders.


We were investigating a particular stream corridor when they came upon us. It stopped us in our tracks. First were the pack of dogs. All were dirty and romping through the wet grass. All were different. Then came the men on their horses. Complete with straw cowboy hats and bandanas. They reined up next to us to see who we were.

They asked if we had seen an

y head of cow in this area. They told us they had only 54 but need to pen them. They stared at us. We stared at them.

Of course we sometimes forget that we are dressed like crazy people covered in mud. Two women looking that way could be quite perplexing on a Friday morning in the morning fog!

We informed them that we were studying the swamps. Kristen asked them a couple of questions while the dogs all tromped at our feet. They asked if we wanted a dog to which we replied no thanks but they look like good dogs.

A must read for all Floridians!

They left. Turning their horses and the dogs. We wanted to go after them. Wanted to ride with them and see what cowboys do. Wanted to ride while the dogs ran with us in the morning fog. There was something age old….rustic….nostalgic in their words and clothes. Something was there that we have read in books like A Land Remembered.

They seemed like old souls of Florida still riding and penning. It reminded us that lifestyle is still very much a thriving part of Florida. It’s not just history. It’s modern. They just haven’t made any technological advances that can beat a man, a horse, and a pack of dogs!

It’s not often we get the chance to interact with people in the field. It left us feeling a little melancholy. The riders and dogs in the mist of a hot morning. I hope they penned their cows.


Keeping it Fresh….

That’s right – the Chicks with Ticks likes to be fresh and new. Spring is the perfect time to talk about all things new so we thought you might like to know some of the things we are going to be doing this season.

It wasn't all bad - rescued this Greater Siren from a dried up isolated pond...it was still alive and I was so excited

It wasn’t all bad – rescued this Greater Siren from a dried up isolated pond…it was still alive and I was so excited

  • We will begin shooting a series of short spots for the Polk County Board of Tourism. These spots will focus on Ecotourism and Agritourism in Polk county and the opportunities for outdoor adventures. We are so excited to be a part of the effort to bring more people outdoors to share in our agricultural and ranching history as well and explore our beautiful natural resources.
  • We will be working with some special friends at the Santa Fe Canoe Outpost on some special trips. That’s right – you can take a trip down the river with us and learn to see it the way we do! Plus have a whole lot of fun.
  • We will be looking for opportunities to work with young people on sharing our adventures so that they too can grow their love of Florida outdoors and understand more. If they love it – they will protect it! Also looking for funding to begin an EcoCamp.
  • We will be looking for land owners that are interested in allowing Agritours of their lands. We want to show folks that our ranchers and farmers are a huge part of Florida history. New laws and regulations will help us help them keep Florida waters clean. We want this to be a positive jac+kristen+logorelationship for all involved. How better than to help everyone understand how we all look at the landscape and maybe we will ALL learn to walk in each other’s shoes.
  • Don’t forget we are always looking for crazy adventures to share with you all. You wouldn’t believe all the amazing things we see and the wonders we experience. Don’t be afraid to do it yourself! Get out the and GO ANYWHERE….find you own adventure and share it with us.headstand
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