Chicks Witch Ticks were born when Kristen and Jacqueline began a three year study of Florida natural streams. The adventure continued through many projects, life events, and amazing excursions. The content and photos here are meant as a reminder that women in science are critical, magical, beautiful, and powerful! We can go anywhere, do anything, and we can change the world with our insight, intelligence, intellect, and intuition.

The messages should be real. The stories inspiring and empowering to all. Men and women alike can come here to be enlightened and entertained. We hope that this site helps one person live a better life, open another door, see things in a way they never thought possible, or make decisions and changes that make their world – OUR WORLD – better!

Thanks for coming here. I hope you find a cozy spot on the forest floor to sit and rest. I got your back!

Jacqueline S. Levine