I know I know you’re saying Jacque where the heck of you been? We’ve been sitting here waiting for you for such a long time. Well I’m back and I’m ready for a new Batcha crazy adventures and I’m here to tell you that you should buckle up.

So I know you were all strapped in your La-Z-Boy chairs self quarantined and just dying to get out of that place waiting for the coronavirus to take over the world. Either that or you’re waiting to run on toilet paper and you’re trying to already figure out what you’re going to use next.

9E9B5B26-1657-46AF-8A42-7A203DF7F2B5So,I’m here to remind you that even though you’re trapped inside your house with your crazy kids or your weirdo parents but there’s still a way for you to find adventures and create exciting explorations experiments and general crazy hoopla.

The first thing I want you to do is think about your first pillow fort and how now, that you’re a grown-up, you can do that stuff much better in fact I’ll bet if you put your mind to it you can build the best damn pillow fort ever now! One that you could really be proud of.

Secondly, think about all the kooky concoctions you thought of making as a kid. Slime, gooze, mud pie, invisible ink. Google that sh!t and get it done! I dare you!!

Thirdly, the parks aren’t closed. Trails are still open and it’s free! Pack a Sammy, and go find something wild in the forest. Check out a nearby lake. Kayak, hike, get some sunshine and explore.

photoLastly, make everything an adventure. Eat dinner with no hands, have a dance contest, play board games, get out Uno or cards. Make even more fun and create a fun family ducuventure..,,that’s right show other families how it’s done! Dare them to share theirs.

Whatever you do, keep it fun and all adventurey (yeah I made up a word so what). Don’t let this virus take away your fun. You show this virus how we handle adventure!