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Chicks with Ticks Brand Is Going LIVE

That’s right folks, the Chicks with Ticks brand finally goes live for 2014. We will make decals available, shirts, hats and other cool girl gear! In the meantime, to stay on top of the latest brand news, check us out on Facebook at

Let us know what you would like to see!!


We are so excited to share!

Southern Grace – the Suwannee Trip!

We found time to adventure at Owens Springs - you can't miss it!

We found time to adventure at Owens Springs – you can’t miss it!

And so began another Suwannee River trip. That’s right, we headed back up to north Florida to work and study the river and how it interacts with its floodplain. I know – you are thinking, “Jacque, you guys just keep making excuses to go play on the river.” I assure you that is never the case….well, almost never!

Just so happens that this time, we rented a cabin on the river. Not just any cabin, Southern Grace! This is the very same cabin Clyde Butcher stays in when he’s working up there. Yes, there are photos of the owners and the Butchers. His photos are on the frig.

If you get a chance to plan a nice getaway, I recommend calling Kerrey Hoolihan. She is the manager of the property and will treat you like royalty. Of course, like any cabin stay your instructions will be on old typing paper, keys are in weird places, you have to turn on the water, but this place has so much charm, you won’t notice tattered wallpaper.

We proceeded to camp the weekend on another property the owner has – let’s just say AMAZING. For once, we got to taste river life and let me tell you – it is truly good! So, here are some photos from the trip – go ahead – get jealous, get information and get out there…AND GO ANYWHERE – especially the Suwannee!

The swing view of the river

The swing view of the river


The dock has to serve at all water levels


The boys celebrating our camping trip!!


It was a moonlit night when Kristen and I arrived


Allen discovered an amazing spring on our hike.

Allen discovered an amazing spring on our hike.


Can’t go to the river without a canoe trip! After all – they brought it all the way up here!

Allen and I enjoyed every minute of our camping adventure!


The view from inside Southern Grace.


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