bacteriaThat’s right, ewww! The Chicks with Ticks go some really nasty places. It’s hard to believe, I know, but we also don’t always have access to a public restroom with soap! Ewwww…I know! That means…you got it – we have germy, nasty hands sometimes.

Recently, a client notified us that hogs in our area tested positive for leptospirosis (blah blah – NASTY bacterial disease). Shortly after that, the news shared a story of a man who recently dies of a bacterial infection from water. The world instantly seemed….well, DIRTY!

So, in order to make it less scary and more bearable, I thought I should make fun of the germy things we have and will do! So, here goes my top ten list of……


1. Go into hot swamp water without waders on

(this means that swamp water gets….well….you know – EVERYWHERE)

2. Use the restroom outdoors

(I don’t think I need to elaborate on the many reasons this is nasty)

3. Eat wild plants

(Only do this with great knowledge….or bravery as some stuff can kill ya)

4. Touch wild animals/fish

(yeah – we do it – I will be honest)

5. Wade in mud

(We like it!!)

6. Swim in creeks and rivers

(Some think this is risky – boy are they missing out)

7. Get bitten by nasty critters

(Ants, bees, ticks, fleas, chiggers…COOL)

8. Get weird rashes

(YUCK – true but YUCK)

9. Stink

(It’s hard to be us and not stink….like literally stink)

10. Eat with our hands

(What? Don’t judge us!!)

And, because I have to mention this….I am adding a…

11. Wear stinky, swampy, old, socks or clothes

(Some of us more than others (KRISTEN))

germsSo, we are all still here, happy and healthy. We have never suffered serious illness or injury from our work. This is mainly (we think) because we build up an immunity. Partly though, it may just be because we are wild – part of nature now – and maybe – just maybe – if you touch us – you will get some crazy cooties!! ha ha ha – Either way –