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That’s right! I started noticing it last November. There’s something in the air. Nothing is behaving the way it should.

I usually keep this to myself. Some people don’t appreciate the old “Must be gonna rain my knee aches”. Others hang on your every word until you just feel plain creeped out to say anything. But, I can’t keep it in any longer….so here it goes!

You can call me crazy (and you probably wouldn’t be far off base), but I notice how things in nature behave from year to year. It’s part of the extra sense I have from being in the wild so often. You start noticing the little things.

Birds aren’t going to the same places. Trees aren’t budding at the right time. Bugs are swarming in the wrong week. The air smells wrong and the weather just doesn’t make sense. There’s something in the air that says this will be a strange year.

The animals didn’t move around at the right time. The thistle came up too hard this year. It’s gonna be a bad one. Storms more than likely. I don’t claim to know everything – just that something isn’t right.



Being wild has its disadvantages. You know too much. Nothing is simple anymore. It’s a

ll connected – all of it. You see patterns if you look just right at the way things move, live, eat, sleep, and breed. From one year to the next, the poison ivy thrives and throws out more oils. The fox squirrels mate early. The frogs come out late.

So, mark my words folks, it’s going to be a wild ride this year….just you wait and see! Trust us wild Chicks.