That’s right….our family swimming pool turned green. Greener than a snake! And, as is the way of nature, when you build it – they will come. It quickly became a tadpole pond.

Cute Kids Win over Tadpoles

Cute Kids Win over Tadpoles

They were teeming….it was primordial! One problem – what kind were they? Another problem – how do we rid the pool of them kindly if they are “good” frogs so that the kids aren’t afraid of swallowing tadpoles? If they are “bad” frogs, how do you kill them without going to hell?

Well, I tell you what, there’s just no good way to accomplish either one! There are simply too many in the pool. We can’t wait for them to develop into frogs either so don’t even go there. It’s 90 degrees in Florida already folks.

My genius is limited – so i got a bucket and a net – scooped thousands up and dumped them into my fish ponds – sink or swim that was their chance at life. Then we began adding treatment….TO KILL THEM!!

Go ahead and hate me…I understand. But what you don’t understand is that the kids are MUCH CUTER than the tadpoles. On top of that, I confirmed that they were, in fact, Cuban Tree Frog offspring….the nemesis of all Florida native frogs. I secretly rejoiced when I made this discovery.

So, now my fish ate all the “rescues” and the environment is free of hundreds of exotic and aggressive destroyers of native wildlife….I feel good. I slept well! Once again…The Chicks With Ticks are ready to make a difference.