Lake Caloosa - Crooked Lake

Lake Caloosa – Crooked Lake

Also known as Lake Caloosa, Crooked Lake is a unique site for those of us who think of Florida and think of swamps. It’s white sandy shores and bottom can be seem quite clearly through the crystal waters that lap the shoreline.

San Skink tracks

San Skink tracks

The park that is located off Ohlinger Road in Babson Park, FL is a wonder of nature. Atop the Lake Wales Ridge, the preserve consists of scrub habitat and the beautiful Crooked Lake. You will see cacti, marshes, wet prairies, oak hammocks, and some rather interesting inhabitants.

We found fresh sand skink tracks, gopher tortoise burrows, red sundew plants, and could imagine the scrub jay that must live in the forests of low sand oaks. You won’t want to miss this one.

Pink Sundew - Carnivorous beauty

Pink Sundew – Carnivorous beauty

Hiking is sandy and you want to make sure you have plenty of water and grab a map at the entrance. The kiosk shows how just a small change in elevation in these sandy habitats can create complex environments for flora and fauna.

Don’t forget to walk down to the lake and be amazed that it can fluctuate 20 feet in a season! This park offers a restroom at the entrance, boardwalk along a wet prairie, and more hiking opportunities than you can see in one visit.


Take the time to study how amazing our landscapes are!

Take the time to study how amazing our landscapes are!