spooky forest - Bielsko-Biala, Slaskie

spooky forest by pociunia

The forest is a mysterious place. During the day it’s filled with wild wings of birds and insects. The shadows cast their coolness on hidden mossy creatures sneaking from the heat of the day. But after dark, the forest changes. The sunlit stream becomes a dark ribbon of glassy eyes searching. The mossy branches are suddenly ancient claws  reaching for you….what was that sound?

In the spirit of Halloween, we thought we should shine some light into the deep dark forest that scares you and tell you about the amazing and wonderful creatures and sites you can REALLY see at night in the forest. Let’s start with……



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The Green Tree Frog like most frogs prefers the cover of night. Their song fills the summer air just after rain. They prefer small ponds and are typically arboreal or like trees! They actually have been listed as good pets! Before taking any creature from the wild, please consider appreciating them from a distance in their natural surroundings.

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Southern Tree Frogs have distinctive spots and pointed heads. They escape predators by leaping long distances. They can even live in brackish marshes and eat a huge variety of small creatures.


Cuban Tree Frogs have become quite an issue in Florida. They are large and prolific breeders. Their diet consists of just about anything that they can  catch – including 5 our own native species. Their size allows them to eat lizards and small snakes as well. It is illegal to release them into the wild. They are still sold in the pet market as they are quite beautiful frogs.

Do you like frogs? Write and let us know if you think they are slimy, sticky creepers or lovely leaping little things!

Stay tuned for our next creature of the night!!