Imagine you are one of the gazillions who live in Miami-Dade County in south Florida. You live in a concrete jungle filled with streets, railroads, and parking lots surrounded by large buildings. The pristine beauty of rivers and streams seem like a fantasy. You are in a world of starkness and everyone is focused on themselves…..each person in the transient population fighting daily through traffic, work, all battling for position every second of every day. Nameless faces who you pass on I95.

If this is how you have heard the Miami area described you would be right – but only half right. I recently had the pleasure of working on a crew performing wetland delineations and threatened and endangered species surveys for a client. The project will take all over the state and most of that time will be spent in urban environments. I was lucky enough to see something you may not believe.

Arch Creek

Beauty – natural (or nearly natural) beauty. One place is the Enchanted Forest Park. The old oak hammock hides trails through the forest reminiscent of days past when Miami was greener, sweeter, and things went more slowly. If you take the tour over the canal that runs into the older part of the park, you will be pleasantly surprised to find snook, redfish, large mullet and many other charming denizens swimming freely in the tannic water.

There is no fee for entry and there are picnic tables. You may be happy to know that this is only one of many green areas that are public. Miami-Dade county has fought hard to protect some critical green areas. Of course, online, you may find the list is greater than even I know…….and you know what’s coming next!!

GET OUT THERE AND GO ANYWHERE!! Just because you run the rat race from nine to five doesn’t mean you can’t escape that grey hard concrete jungle and look for your own special secret garden!!Enchanted Forest