The Chicks With Ticks have been thinking about having some strange videographer follow us into the swamps and film our crazy misadventures. We always say that no one would want to see us as we fall face first into the mud or scream when we step on a stick that looks like a big snake! But hey – if someone out there wants to watch a kooky man catch turtles or a toddler pitch a tantrum on a fake stage – who are we to criticize! We watch all kinds of stuff on television.

Sing in waders!

Wish you could have been there….

What we want to know is….would you take time out of your very busy day to watch a short segment if we made it? Would you enjoy watching John spout on and on about this and that morphology blah blah blah and then BAM fall because he wasn’t watching where he was going? Would you want to see the beauty and wonder that we discover behind the forests? Basically – do you find what we do interesting enough to watch it in a mini show?

We will begin filming in October. We may do some mini trials first to see if we are just plain stupid! Let us know what you think! We want to hear what you find the most entertaining or interesting. There may be a subject you have been dying to ask us about! Go ahead – now is the time!

So, here we go. Ready to make the next chapter of the Chicks With Ticks story.

Hope you will join us!