You know we all want to make things better. We want to make a positive difference. I just couldn’t hold my tongue any longer!

Some will survive without your intervention.Stop “saving” things please. I am just as guilty as you! Today I “saved” a softshell turtle that was enjoying a muddy swim during a heavy downpour. Saved is probably not what the turtle felt. It probably felt scared, man handled, and slightly confused as to why I took it out of the muddy yummy road and put it on the dry grassy roadside.

Rare things don’t always need us to save them.

I also have co-workers who “save” a lot of plants. Some of these plants grace their desks or cubicles in a modge podge of dishes filled with weird materials….they always look out of place….after all, we don’t work in a temperate wetland forest or damp meadow….it is a flourescent lighted, air-conditioned, dry, urban office space. Not at all what most orchids consider lovely.

I know our hearts are in the right place, but I just can’t take it any more. These things we feel we are saving have a proper place. A place where they belong – it’s probably not your desk or the bed of a truck or even a roadside.

Some of these things are going to die. They are going to wither when the limb they were attached to falls in a storm, they will get smashed by a truck, they will cease to grow. It’s okay! Really. The circle of life will continue for almost all of them without our interference.

It’s going to be difficult for you to stop. Some of you are addicted! I know you so don’t try to hide it. We will work through this together. Maybe we will form a sort of support group….Savers Annonymous….just give it a go. Please!