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We want to hear what you think of this one!! Or, let us know what you are doing this season to keep the little creepers away!!


The days grow longer and the green stuff starts to peek out once again. The birds raise their voices and the mayflies have already tickled my window.

There seems to be something on the wind. It isn’t going to be a normal summer here in central Florida. Something is missing. Something is GONE.

The lake shore is a bit longer and the streams I usually wade in are dry. The bogs are less boggy and the mud is now caked and dried to brick. The frogs aren’t croaking at night. The tadpoles aren’t in the mud puddles.

The rain is gone.

It seems that we have, once again, begun a serious drought spell. This doesn’t bode well for us. After just having a slight recovery year, we can’t imagine what peril will come from another long spell of drought weather.

Lake Okeechobee

No frogs to eat the bugs, no grass for the cattle, sinkholes will open as farmers rush to save the paltry crops as they wither in the Florida sun, and the precious water that we fight for everyday will continue to be pumped and shipped!! Thanks Rick Scott!

This year should be very interesting – by interesting I mean volatile. Watch out Chicks – a storm approaches!!

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