If you read the title of this Lesson, then you know the answer – YES….bears do poop in the woods. A lot of other things poop in the woods too (including Chicks with Ticks). So, in honor of Kristen this week – we will take a look at….


(that’s right – POOP)

It’s not every day you get to talk about it, laugh about it, see it, or study it. Believe it or not, we look for it everywhere we go. No, we aren’t weirdos (at least some of us aren’t). We can tell a lot about a site by what scat is strewn about. One spot we found large bobcat scat – it told us there must be a fairly healthy population of small mammals or food and that we should be careful. Cow poop means grazing and we look for signs of stressors in the streams. Otter poop means a good aquatic support system. People poop – well, someone has preceded us!

So, here are a few crappy (ha ha) photos of various types of scat – see which ones you can name?

Dried poop.

Who's poop?

Hmmm.....poop in the grass!

Old poop.

Poop in a tree!