We here, at Chicks with Ticks (and the Hicks with Ticks too), wanted to take a break and go back to the basics for those of you who have joined us recently. Our team has grown and our stories will too so we want you to know who we are talking about. It has always been our sincere wish that each of you feels like you are with us in the field when you visit us here.

So, without further adieu, I want to tell you all about what we do and who we are. We are a team of nerdy, quirky, weird, and crazy people who came from different backgrounds. John and Kristen are our resident fluvial geomorphologists, I, Jacque, am the resident McGiver and do everything but especially botany, Josh is our crazy kid fish guy and general goofball, Jess is our water quality geek and consummate snake hater, and Aziza is our GIS princess and doer of all mappingtons. Along with these crazies, you will hear about the other freaks, geeks, and weirdos we work and play with along the way. Add in a sprinkling of family members, kids, dogs, and friends and you have yourself a serious cast of a ridiculous nature. There isn’t a dull moment!

We began as a rag-tag lot of employees at an engineering and scientific firm (not to be named at this time). What became of us is unbelievable to me some days! We became extreme hikers, taxonomists, hydrobiofluvialgeomorphologists, stream specialists, reclamation experts, dirt lickers, alligator smackers, snake whackers, bug catchers, tortoise digger uppers, botanists extraordinaire, scat identifiers, vegetative control specialists, muck monsters, fish floppers, tree climbing Chicks and Hicks with Ticks. One other thing we became – passionate about streams, lakes, rivers, swamps, bogs, wetlands, and science….oh – and each other! We became something else as we changed – you have heard me say this before – we became WILD!

What we realize now is that there is no turning back! We will continue the science, the mud, the wet socks, the weird smells, the funny photos….and the writing and sharing of it all. Some of you can relate totally! Some live vicariously through us and some have no idea how we do it! All of you are welcome and we thank you all for being here.

This blog is to show you all where we go – ANYWHERE! That’s right – we go anywhere…and everywhere! We encourage you to get out there and do the same….experience some of the things we experience….see the beauty….feel the sunshine…..get chiggers….climb a tree…..plant a garden…and bring the kids, family, friends, dogs and CAMERA!! We want to hear about it – and see the photos. In fact – look below to see the strange cast of characters here at Chicks with Ticks (and Hicks). Welcome – enjoy the trip (and it is truly a trip)!! But most of all – thanks. Without you, none of this would be as much fun!

John - Our Mentor - It's all his fault!!

Me - Jacque - Creator & Author - Boots + Shorts = SEXY!!

Aziza (this is a photo-shopped pic - she does not dress like this in the office)

Kristen - Co-Creator & author at Chicks with Ticks

Jess - Our Dancing Water Specialist