Wow – have to hand it to recognizing our site and awarding us the amazing Kreativ Blogger Award! Thank so much.

Here are my replies, according to Kreativ Blogger Award rules:

1. Name your favorite song:Love is Unstoppable by Rasscal Flatts.

2. Name your favourite dessert:


3. What ticks me off:


4. When I’m upset I:


5. What’s your favourite pet:


6. Black or white:


7. Biggest Fear:

Dying by fire

8. Everyday attitude:

You can do anything!

9. What is perfection:

Being able to spend more time with my family.

10. Guilty Pleasure:



7 Random Things About Me

1.I am quirky

2. I started blogging in October 2011 after being laid off.

3. I was published in a poetry anthology in High School

4. I love to fish

5.I sing karaoke

6. I work full time, have a second job, blog, and hand dye t-shirts…

7. I one day hope to be able to speak to young people and those in urban settings about getting out into the wild.

According to Kreativ Blogger Award rules, I am passing this award on to 10 more bloggers. If you’ve already received one, just know that I feel you deserve another one. The ten bloggers are:


These are some really deserving folks…so enjoy these links. and Thanks Kitty!