I sometimes forget how nerdy we are. We use weird jargon, long words, scientific names, and other industry gobble-di-gook without a care in the world. It is my sincere hope to share some of my vast knowledge of these crazy things so that you, too, can impress (or depress) people by using fancy shmancy words. So, this is my

Chicks with Ticks Glossary of Termino-logical-ish-ness

  • Fluvial Geomorphology– this is a great way to become instantly labeled a nerd – this is the term used to describe the science of studying the way water changes the earth.

    Fluvial Geomorphology

  • Herbaceous – the means a plant that doesn’t have a woody nature or stem. Weeds, herbs, and other “soft” plants fall into this category.
  • Graminoid – grasses and bamboo like plants (sounds like a space alien though)
  • Riparian – on or of the bank of a stream, creek or river but also lake and pond
  • Hydrologic indicator – these are various signs of where water sits. Some of them are simple, like stain lines and rafted debris. Others are elusive and more difficult to determine like lichen lines and mosses. If you hold your nose and sound like a geek and say “hydrologic indicator” it makes you wildly popular at parties!!!
  • Macroinvertebrates– tiny aquatic insects, larva, and other living organisms that are large enough to be seen without microscope. Yeah right! Some of these suckers and teensie tiny – look ’em up! Some are creepy too – trust me on this one. Dragonfly larvae are some of the ugliest yet turn out to be these delicate creatures….you really should look at these suckers! MOST OF THEM BITE TOO!!


  • Piscivores – creatures that eat fish – not like humans – we do eat fish but not as most of our diet. There are piscivorous fish, birds, mammals, and reptiles. These make most of their diet out of fish! Try to say piscivorous 3 times real fast  – and video tape it and post it!!
  • Thalweg – in a stream or river, it’s the deepest part of the flow path or cross section. Sounds like a weird disease!! “Oh, my brother’s got the thalwegs.”
  • Hydraulic Carving – this one of the cool methods of stream creation. A pump circulates water through a shaped valley. Eventually, if set at the right pumping rate, this recycled water simulates many years of flow and actually carves a stream! It is NOT how you want to carve your jack-o-lantern.
  • Chicks with Ticks – this is a group of women of all ages who take the step out into the wild to explore, excite, enlighten, encourage, and empower! You don’t have to slash your way through a Florida swamp or crawl into a forest. You could read a book about adventures. Paint a scene, write a poem, have a discussion, or have another type of experience that broadens your horizons and gives you insight into the great outdoors. This is a great big world ladies (and gentlemen). We spend too much time NOT experiencing it. Our mission is to excite you – invite you – and get you outside where you can GO ANYWHERE. You just start at YOUR beginning and take steps from there. You , like me, might find that it’s a lot easier and more enthralling than you ever imagined. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find your inner adventurer along the way and start to see the world with wiser eyes….you too may become WILD! I know at least two people who have suffered a similar fate and wouldn’t go back!