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Tis the season to be jolly….and merry and bright. I thought it might be appropriate to talk about something serious. We laugh and play and now is the time to focus on the gift giving season. So, in the spirit of the holidays, here’s some ideas from the Chicks with Ticks on what to buy for the outdoors person that has everything. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Monkey Butt powder – yep, it’s real and it works. You can get a large portion at Tractor Supply! It’s the best for chaffing – in the saddle or just in your thighs! Not too scented and doesn’t smell like lilacs so you won’t be embarrassed boys!
  2. Damn Good Hiking Stick – yes, a yardstick would be fun – especially an old one. You can even customize the handle and include a link to this site so they know why you gave them a damn yard stick!

    That's Right!!! Guys dig Chicks with Ticks and we dig him for shouting it out!!

  3. Orange….that’s right – anything bright orange – it’s hunting season and we all know that when we are hiking in head high brush – and we wave our arms over our heads because we saw a pitcher plant in bloom, we look just like a friggin deer! Put some orange on!
  4. Tracks & Scat laminated fold out guide. You can get these anywhere online cheap – buy used – it’s recycling. This sounds like a weird gift – but fess up – you too want to know what the hell made that cool looking poop. You also saw some footprints and you aren’t sure if it’s a bear that’s been following your family or a panther – good to know which so you can roll up in a ball or stare the damn thing down! Got mine at used section.
  5. Field journal. Write in the Rain makes some cool booklets that are durable and can’t be killed. Sweat, blood, rain – whatever – it won’t ruin your written words….use a Write In The Rain Pen and voila’ – it’s practically guaranteed that someone will  find your memoirs.
  6. Polarized sunglasses. You can’t see a darned thing in the water if you don’t have them on. These things will make you oooh and ahhhh for hours. You can get any kind at any price point anywhere.
  7. Roll up picnic blanket. I don’t mean you must have a picnic – it’s a great place to lay down and watch things, take a nap, read, write, eat, and if you get stuck out there you can make a shelter. I got one at Target on sale and it rolls up and hooks to my backpack. Love it – beach works great too!
  8. Audubon guides! Get them used online at some store….I paid like $2.50 + shipping and they are $19.95 retail. Recycle!!! They have one for just about everything and even for kids. Pics are amazing and they teach you so much and are very portable.
  9. Link to our blog – share! Tis the season after all! Send someone random or 100’s of random people a link to this blog. It will make them smile….hell it will make me smile!
  10. Chicks with Ticks t-shirt….That’s right! They are only $20 +shipping and are a great gift for anyone.

You know each of us knows at least one person who deserves a cool gift. Save money, recycle, reuse, repurpose, re-gift, just share a memory in a blank journal and encourage them to add one – then pass it along and make sure people date and name their stories! Let’s make this season all about the people and not about the stuff….how about a hand written note that says – “One ticket to Go Anywhere With Me”

I know this is like cheating, but I just discovered reblogging….this little guy was so cute – I just had to – I promise I will make it up to you this afternoon!! Bonfire night tonight – in the mood for some lyrical science!!

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