That’s right, you too can remain a beautiful Chick with Ticks while tromping around in the wilds all over the world. The first thing you need to know is that Chicks with Ticks are almost always grubby. This, alone, enhances just how beautiful you are.

If you have learned anything from Lesson 1, you already don your snake boots. “But Jacque, whatever will I wear in the field that will both coordinate with my new snake boots and compliment by natural beauty?” I know, I hear that a lot. So, for those of you who haven’t already figured it out….here goes

Lesson 2 – Beauty In The Field

Beauty in the field can be a challenge.With muddy hands, smelly feet, sweaty pits, and having gone pee in the woods all day, it’s hard to look your best. Makeup can be an issue. You are sweating so don’t bother and mud is really good for your complexion.

Perfumegoes something like this, whatever has the highest Deet to repel those pesky mosquitoes. I know, deet is bad – well, so is encephalitis!! You choose! You may choose Skin so Soft by Avon. It is a light oil but attracts dirt and other funky stuff. I ran out – so I use a deet product right now! I will use my new prehensile tail to hold my GPS.

Fashion, ah fashion, cannot be ignored. Snake boots assumed, you will want something in the khaki or olive drab color palette.  Do not wear jeans in the field, especially if you are going to be working in water – THEY ARE HEAVY AND HOT and ATTRACT SEEDS and BURRS OF ALL KINDS. Go for something lightweight and quick drying. Zip-offs are great. Just be sure to put your “legs” in a pocket so you don’t lose them. Also, wear UNDERWEAR as a lot of pants are see-through. What! Yep – see through and trust me – when they are wet – they can SEE YOU!! I have had many a nightmare after seeing too much of some of my field partners booties. I also have a few field photos where no one bothered to tell me that my pants were see through.

Fashion is always at the forefront!

Shirts – well, if you are going to be in the public/client eye – maybe something nice and lightweight. You can layer for best results. I love tank tops under “fishing style” shirts with long sleeves. Also, Breathe Like a Fish makes an amazing shirt that serves several purposes. It protects you from the sun, keeps your core cool, and shields your arms and body from scratches. You can get them online and they are very reasonable. If you are going to be in a remote place – wear the dorkiest, oldest, least loved t-shirt you have. Then, when you wipe your cute muddy hands on it and realize it won’t wash out – you won’t freak.

Head wear is a must. Do you really want spiders in your hair? What!!!? Yes – there are spiders out there. Most of them make webs head-high too. Sometime you will have a photo and you will notice entirely too late that there WAS a spider on your head (where is he now?)! Hats with brims help with sun protection. Also, hairstyles can run the gamut. We wear pigtails, ponytails, braids, and scrunchies. This alone makes us more beautiful.

Finally, you will want to avoid a mirror. This will only engage you thus shortening the time the world has to behold you in all your glorious splendor. Being beautiful will have its costs.

People will stare, point fingers, laugh, and you will know – in your heart of hearts – that you are truly a beautiful

Chick with Ticks!