I have had the most amazing experience. All Chicks live to share what we love with others. It’s just natural that I should want to share my sharing with all those out there so – here goes….

I received a call from the dance studio owner where our daughter goes to afterschool. She was frantic. Her 12 year old daughter had chosen a science project and needed to find and identify 25 native tree species – BY THE MORNING!!! She immediately thought of me as she is very familiar with my muddy snake boots, spidery hair, and general smell from the field when I come to pick up our daughter. She knows what it is I do and felt I was the person for the job.

We jumped in the expedition and began our expedition!! Off to find 25 tree species, collect perfect leaves, and teach said future Chick to identify them!

We hiked through bidens, ceasarweed, mud, maidencane and general weeds. We pulled branches, braved mosquitoes, and sweated. I waded in a local swamp for pop ash. We collected, I taught, we collected, she marked the list, it was four Chicks on a Sunday adventure! We collected and taught until she had everything she needed to complete the project ON HER OWN!!

Her mother then turned to me….and said….”That was amazing. Do you still want to do this for a living when you grow up?” and she said “More than ever now.” I was thrilled – you can only imagine my smile. I want you all to know that my daughter had tagged along on this adventure – smiling and sweating right alongside me just like always – only in shorts and little black babydoll shoes!

Sounds like a great afternoon huh? It got better!! Yes – her mother then informed me THAT THIS WAS HER DAUGHTER’S FIRST TIME WALKING IN THE WOODS!!!! Let me tell you all that I have never felt so good!! This young woman had already chosen a path into the muddy, buggy, crazy world of Chicks With Ticks – she knew she wanted to be out there – BEFORE EVER HAVING DONE IT!

Let’s all raise our beers to the two young woman and grown woman who joined me in the forests and wetlands that brought one more Chick to the family! I have never been more proud to be a Chick With Ticks!!!

Move over swimsuit models....we have real Chicks coming through!!!